Text   Unfollowing Celebs (DP)

Nimrod goes to London Fashion Week, unfollowing celebrities while giving them his explanations face to face. Help him improve his following/follower ratio on @nnimrodd 

Director: William Pine | Unfollower: Nimrod Kämer

Follow-up video: The Wikipedia fixer ft. Kanye West, Lord Sugar, V.Westwood http://youtu.be/20ObFZZd3Y4

Commisioned by Don’t Panic TV, Heydon Prowse & Joseph Wade
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Unfollowing Derek Blasberg, Editor at large of Harper’s Bazaar, fashion writer, NYT best selling author -

Unfollowing Scottish comedian Limmy -


I have been unfollowing people on Twitter for quite some time now. I always let them know that I’ve done so, in a public manner (a tweet), for example, so they won’t have to find out the hard way, by using services like Qwitter, and thus get offended.

Fact: Twitter is not for friends. It’s not Facebook. No one should expect me to follow them endlessly after the usual two weeks trial. One can always create a random account and follow oneself, or buy followers from various providers such as boosttwitterfollowers.com or buy-followers.org (I use them all the time).

Publicly tweeting someone that he has been unfollowed is, basically, exactly like telling it to their face. Alexa Chung, Kitty Brucknell or Kate Nash had it coming for a long time, to be frank. Kitty got the unfollow after tweeting ’Truth is always clouded by other peoples insecurities and judgement’. Kate Nash wrote something perplexing about the riots. I couldn’t take it no more. Likewise, when celebs have a “cause” to promote, like Pixie Lott’s tweet helping her million followers, whom she refers to as ‘cats’, to buy something called ‘Bright Lights’ on iTunes, it becomes rather difficult to keep reading their thoughts and prayers day by day.

I’ve also unfollowed Tali Lennox, Annie Lennox’s daughter, after she tweeted: ‘Fun being hauled up onto a table full of dancing Italians last night. Now quick shoot for W then more fun at Dolce & Gabbana show. Work&play’. I called Next Models, her agency, and told them about the incident.

Come to think of it, tweets are the only thing celebs are directly responsible for, and can be offended from, when someone miss quotes them or takes the piss out of their punctuation. All other things you confront models with you’ll get a ‘talk to my agent\PR’ response. Everyone I talked to took major proud or guilt in regard to their tweeted words. Even Alastair Campbell admitted to me he ‘first heard a quote from Mike McCurry, Clinton’s spokesman, being asked a question he didn’t like about Monica Lewinsky’, after I tweeted he used the phrase ‘double-parked in a no-comment slot’ in his book. Luciana Berger MP tweeted ’@nnimrodd I accepted your request’ after I tweetedshe Linkedin me two weeks ago, on Linkedin, without at all mentioning her with a @ in my tweet. Creepy. 

One more goal I had was improving my following\followers ratio on the @nnimrodd account. I used to follow 411 whilst 7,028 followed me, which is a 17.09 score. After dumping Alexa and Rihanna it changed the ratio favourably to 17.18. Sorry Alexa. Someone had to go. I do unfortunately have to carry on following @EyeSpyMP and@Humblebrag for future projects. Zooey Deschanel and Peaches Geldof had to go too by the way, after flattering themselves in tweets published Feb 25th. I have a rule though of following a Pixie whenever I unfollow a Pixie. I drove Pixie Geldof mad cause of this.


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